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Inner City Ministry Makes Courageous Move to Improve Neighborhood (Part 3)




South Street Part Three

By: Katie Cassaro

Though the thought of working in ministry may seem like a dream, it can come with many unseen heartaches and disappointments.

Combine that with dealing with plenty of what you didn’t initially sign up for – such as administrative duties and other time-stealing tasks – and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and even discouraged.

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Inner City Ministry Makes Courageous Move to Improve Neighborhood: PART 2

south street

By: Katie Sobiech
South Street Ministries (SSM) has come a long way since the last time we caught up with them. Their building is hardly recognizable on the inside anymore, as they’ve remodeled it to house a community café and meeting space for recovering addicts, citizens being integrated back into society after jail/prison, or anyone just trying to stay out of trouble and improve their life.

“The café has grown as both a place of connection for folks in the margins – to folks in places of opportunity,” Joe Tucker, Executive Director of SSM, said.
“It’s encouraging to recollect on what God has done because the day-to-day can often be discouraging,” Tucker shared, “Today’s a slow day at the café, but we have a café in the first place. The challenges we have now are different than those 2-3 years ago.”

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