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Glover Students Sell Newspapers, Donate Profits to Project Rise


The Glover Gazette Team and Project Rise staff take a picture together to celebrate the Gazette’s hard work!


This year Project Rise was the grateful recipient of The Glover Gazette’s annual newspaper sales. The Glover Gazette is the product of a wonderful team of teachers and volunteers who were able to inspire a talented group of young students to create and sell a school newspaper every month of the school year.

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The Next Frontier Academy



Story By Dorothy Markulis

John Hairston is boldly going where no man has gone before – at least, not in the Akron area, or for that matter, Ohio.

In September 2013 the educator founded the Next Frontier Academy featuring agricultural-based curriculum.

As a guidance counselor and high school history teacher, Hairston, 60, saw many students withdrawing from education.

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Summit Education Initiative Introduces Innovative Ideas to Keep Kids on Track (Part 2) – 2013-05-01

Summit Education Initiative

By Katie Sobiech

With education being the key to success, the Summit Education Initiative’s (SEI) new model has been designed to help schools guide children in their schooling to keep them on track, every step of the way.

Crucial “landmarks” that they measure in a child’s developmental life are Preschool and Kindergarten, Middle School and High School, all with the aim to prepare kids for College.

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