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International Institute of Akron Flourishes Throughout North Hill Community (Part Two of Two)

Story By: Katie Cassaro

Unique is one of the best ways to describe Akron’s very own growing cultural district in North Hill.

“There really isn’t anything else in Akron that has such a unique international focus as this,” Susan Wuscher, International Consultant & Contractor, shared.

And the International Institute of Akron (IIA) is watering continuous efforts to support the growth of cultural inclusion in this diverse part of the city.

With that has come many new things springing up, bringing positive change.

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Stop the Trafficking Conference:
Raising up Voices to Take a Stand for the Voiceless
 Part Three – 2012-11-07

Human Trafficking

By Katie Sobiech

As we wrap up this series of stories on Human Trafficking and the Stop the Trafficking conference held at the Chapel last month, it’s important not only to reflect on the reality of this injustice, but to find solutions.

The fight against human trafficking is not only about stopping those in the wrong, but empowering young girls and women so that they don’t return to these men – seeing prostitution as their only option.

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