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Record Gift Funds Miraculous Recoveries – 2013-07-24

Written By: Tracy Burt

IBHIn July 2005, while people were prepping their barbeques for Independence Day, Larry Soper, enslaved by drug and alcohol addiction, was planning his suicide.

“I Googled the least painful ways,” he said. “There were chat rooms even. It was a very dark place.”

For years, the life of the former standout student, author and sports columnist from North Canton had been “measured out by the crack rock or syringe,” he said. Then, on July 7, Larry found his freedom at the IBH Addiction Recovery Center, a 154-acre treatment facility in Coventry Township.

The organization now has a permanent source of funding thanks to the IBH Foundation Fund of Akron Community Foundation, which began June 7 with a recordbreaking gift of $12 million.

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RAHAB Ministries Restores Hope in Women through Faith and Friendship (Part 1 of 2) – 2013-05-24


By: Katie Sobiech

Amy has a sparkle in her eye, a light from within that she didn’t have before.

Before colliding with RAHAB Ministries and their message of transformational faith, life wasn’t easy for Amy. It was actually a very dark place.

“I’m a product of RAHAB,” Amy shared, “I was a prostitute and drug addict, but because of RAHAB, I’m at where I’m at today. They’re amazing.”

Interestingly, Amy used to live right across the street from the RAHAB home.

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