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Taking the High Road Out of Poverty


Story By Dorothy Markulis


Community Works Connection, a division of OPEN M, is giving those living in poverty a road map to a better life.

Last November, OPEN M established a new program to give those in poverty a way out, through full employment:  Community Works Connection.

“There are huge obstacles,” CWC Project Director Bob Titus explained.

Often coming from multi-generational poverty, clients in the project have no concept of how to get and retain full-time employment.
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Strong Reentry Network Growing in Summit County (Part Two)

By: Katie Sobiech

As discussed in Part One of this series, the Summit County Reentry Network (SCRN), Oriana House and others involved in the area of reentry are forming a very strong union to beat recidivism.

Instead of seeing so many of the approximately 20,000 people who are released from prison each year go right back, they are discovering how to help them become contributing members of society.
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