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Suburban and Rural Poor Stranded – Overcoming Difficulties Accessing Healthcare and Food


AMHA partners to bring services
to Twinsburg community Part 2

Story by Lyndsey Schley


Vaccines and WIC aim to keep babies healthy

Women, men and young children came and went from the impromptu waiting room outside the WIC Clinic at Pinewood Gardens April 30th. Children played with a bead maze while their guardians filled out forms.

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) provides services for pregnant women, recent mothers and children up to the age of five. These services include a food program, health care referrals and nutritional education.

The clinic was formed three months ago, after AMHA realized community members were traveling to Akron for their WIC appointments, Morehouse said. Macedonia was closer, but it was not on the bus line.

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Faithful Servants: 
A New Way of Care 
in our Community
 (Part Two) – 2012-12-26

Human Trafficking

By Katie Sobiech

Although Sue Meyer, Medical Director, and her husband began the clinic, she says “This has been something that has been encouraged and helped by a ton of people to come into fruition.”

Local hospitals, churches, businesses and tradesmen have all played a part in this beautiful facility coming together.

“The facility was basically made over by contractors that volunteered their time. Paint stores that gave us paint. Pretty much what you see here, 98% of it was donated,” Meyer said.

Volunteers gave of themselves and their time, without expecting anything in return, to care for those who are truly in need.

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