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Summit County Safety Forces Chaplaincy Center: A Safe Haven for Safety Forces (Part 2) – 2013-09-20

By: Katie Sobiech

Akron PoliceMost of us are aware that the job of a cop is no easy task, but many don’t think about how dangerous it can really be, and how many innocent lives are sacrificed in the line of duty.

The Summit County Safety Forces Chaplaincy Center (SCSFCC) remembers fallen heroes, as well as offers a safe place for them to unload all of their heavy burdens from the days, weeks and years they’ve been on duty.

A Unique Niche

“Law enforcement and fire are a different profession, they can’t traditionally use the mental health services the public has access to for good, and sometimes not good reasons. There’s liability down the road in certain situations if they go for counseling,” Robert Denton PhD, LISW, Executive Director at Safety Forces Chaplaincy Center, shared.

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