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Urban Vision Ministry’s Business for Youth to Bloom this Spring Welcomes Diversity – 2013-03-22

Urban Vision

By Katie Sobiech

Urban Vision Ministry has been serving and educating their neighborhood for 20 years now. Not many couples take on such an adventurous task as Rodney and his wife Jodi Matthews.

Their programs (which continue to grow) include education, outreach, leadership development, electives, economy & stores, and housing.

“We’re trying to take a holistic approach. These are the kids of the future. It’s all about the next generation. It’s developing them spiritually, educationally and vocationally to be the next generation, living in the community, making the changes. They can be more effective than we can because they’re from the community, growing up here,” Rodney Matthews, President & Executive Director of Urban Vision Ministry (UVM), said.

“We have a multi-ethnic, diverse group. We have a lot of Karen refugees, a lot of African Americans. We have Caucasians,” Matthews continued.

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