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Project Rise Offer Special Summer Programming and Arts Reception

Over the summer, Project Rise implemented a special Arts Program that was held at Helen Arnold CLC in Akron. Over the course of the program, close to 20 students had the opportunity to be part of the arts programming which was broken down into 6 sessions. This was particularly beneficial to these students who were either formerly homeless or currently experiencing homelessness. 

Project Rise is a federally funded program through the Ohio Department of Education. This program is a collaborative effort between Akron Public Schools, local shelters and the Akron community to provide supplemental educational services to children and youth experiencing homelessness. The primary goal of Project Rise is to remove barriers to the education of homeless youth, which the organization has continued to do during the COVID-19 disruption to school.

The Art Program was taught by the Art Teacher from Helen Arnold, Ms. Anne Lackney and coordinated by the Project Rise Special Programs Department. Ms. Lackney planned and implemented the creative and inspiring lessons and made special connections with the students. Charlotte Buzzelli, long-time Project Rise Staff Member and Akron Woman’s City Club member, also assisted with each art session and at the Reception. 

At the end of the summer, Project Rise hosted a special Art Program Reception at the beautiful Akron Woman’s City Club. The students artwork was displayed for community visitors and the families in attendance were able to enjoy refreshments, activities and giveaways. 

At the reception, librarians from the Akron Summit County Main Library provided a wonderful assortment of craft activities and the program participants were recognized with special certificates. 

This special program was made possible thanks to the continued support of the Akron Community Foundation. The ACF has generously funded Project Rise Arts Programming for many years. Because of their generosity, many students and families have had the opportunity to experience a variety of arts experiences they would not have the opportunity to do otherwise. 

In general, Project Rise identifies and serves around 2,000 students per year. For more information on Project Rise and how you can help, please contact Rachel Breece at 330-761-2969 or