In its 95th year of service the Akron Urban League officially kicked off the Justice & Equality Giving Society, a campaign to provide opportunities to join together as a community to support economic empowerment, equality and social justice. “Our city, indeed our country, is at a turning point to eliminate racism and achieve equity, we’re asking you to demonstrate your commitment to the Akron Urban League and those it serves,” states Alan Rothenbuecher, Board Chair of the Akron Urban League. 

We are proud that organizations and community supporters like ASW Global, Summa Health, Alita and Rick Rogers and Bernett L. and Todd Williams are among the first to join the Justice & Equality Giving Society.

We welcome Energy Harbor among the first to join the Justice & Equality Giving Society with their gift of $50,000 as part of the Living Legacy Circle.

“Energy Harbor is proud to support the Akron Urban League and shares its deep commitment to making our community strong. This is an organization whose work dramatically improves the lives of individuals, families and their future generations, and we’re honored to be a partner in such a worthwhile endeavor,”said Energy Harbor president and CEO John Judge.

“We deeply appreciate our partnership and leadership shown by Energy Harbor in making a financial commitment to the Akron Urban League Justice & Equality Giving Society” expressed Teresa LeGrair, President and CEO of the Akron Urban League. The gifts received allow the Akron Urban League to continue to provide services to over 2,500 individuals and 1600 small businesses annually, advocating for the underserved in the community and standing up to systemic racism.  The Akron Urban League could not do what it does without the generous support of a caring community.

The Justice & Equality Giving Society welcomes members at seven different circles of

support. To learn about the Akron Urban League and the Justice and Equality Giving Society visit https://www.aulgivingsociety.org/.

The mission of the Akron Urban League is to improve the quality of life for citizens of Summit County, particularly African Americans, by advocating and facilitating programs that are economically and educationally transformational, impacting their lives and the lives of future generations.

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