Summit County Children Services welcomes back “Children’s Home” Alumni

Summit County Children Services (SCCS) welcomed former residents of the “Children’s Home” on Thursday, Aug. 30, to reconnect with friends and commemorate the agency’s rich history.

The alumni reunion was last hosted in 2014, and those in attendance formerly resided on SCCS grounds. There were a total of 111 attendees comprised of “Children’s Home” alumni, friends and family.

During the event, attendees had the opportunity to explore agency property, where some original buildings still remain, enjoy dinner, take group photos and listen to live music. C-Four, a local barbershop quartet played as attendees exchanged stories of their fondest memories of the “Children’s Home.”

“It was nice turning back the time and remembering,” Betty Hrachovina, Children’s Home alumni said. “I’m 72 and I drove from Tennessee because I wanted to see it all one more time and show my stepdaughter my old home. I stayed longer there than anywhere else in my life. That was my family.”

The “Children’s Home” building operated from 1910-1995. In 1995, the last long term residential facility was closed as the agency shifted focus from institutional care to children being placed with a family in the community. Children lived on the SCCS grounds until 2003.

“SCCS has been committed to the safety, permanency and well-being of children since opening its doors over 100 years ago. To hear the fond memories of those who benefitted from agency services and see the long-term, positive impact SCCS has had on their lives is a rewarding and humbling experience,” Julie Barnes, SCCS Executive Director said.

To learn more about the agency’s rich history and future events, please visit

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