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Life in the Bhutanese Refugee Camps by Bishnu Subba

BishnuSubbasphoto1Bishnu Subba


Cast out from the world’s happiest country

The Himalayan country of Bhutan, about a third the size of Ohio, is often called the world’s “Last Shangri-La.” Almost completely mountainous, this scenically breathtaking land encompasses tropical rainforests in the south, broad valleys and forested hills in the center and the great Himalayas to the north, making it perhaps the most isolated and undeveloped country in the world. It is the only country that measures GNH (Gross National Happiness) for its 2.5 million people, ranking first among all Asian countries in “happiness” and eighth overall in the world.
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Akron offers Recycling for Clothing and Textiles




Did you know that 85% of all clothing ends up in the landfill, while only 15% gets recycled or donated?

Recycling for clothing and textiles will be available for curb service customers in Akron starting Monday, Oct. 26.

The clothing and textiles will be picked up on the normal trash and recycle collection day. Curb service customers were sent a Simple Recycle postcard last week briefly explaining the program and the basic items that will be accepted inside the green recycle bags. The green bags will be provided to Akron’s residential customers in a second wave of mass mailings this week.

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500 Plates

500 plates11742654_866050983442012_1484592859134371867_n

Story by Joanna Wilson (Courtesy of the Akron Empire)


The event on Sunday was one effort–among many–to extend the awareness and discussion about the upcoming closing of Akron’s Innerbelt (Rt. 59) and re-imagine the space for the betterment of our city.

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