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Continuum of Care Continues Work to End Homelessness in Summit County (Part Two)

Homeless on the streets


With some pretty big changes coming to the Continuum of Care (COC), new questions and hope begin to arise:
Will Transitional Housing in Summit County become a thing of the past?

Is Permanent Supportive Housing better?

Should those who are homeless have to address mental issues, addictions and any other issues they have in order to stay in government funded housing?

All of these things have been addressed by those who serves our area’s homeless population day in and day out.
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Continuum of Care Continues Work to End Homelessness in Summit County (Part One)

By: Katie Sobiech


Providing shelter for the homeless in Summit County may never be the same.  Some local leaders are changing the way we view housing for the homeless.

After much research and experience, transitional housing may become a thing of the past, as supportive housing proves to be more beneficial.

The Continuum of Care (COC), a coalition with the goal of ending homelessness in Summit County, is the leading agency behind much of what’s been going on.
“The (COC) is a loose body of agencies serving the homeless,” Sue Pierson, Director of Info Line, explained.
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Something New is in the Air: 
Continuum of Care (Part One) – 2009-10-01

By: Katie Sobiech

Continuum of Care



The Continuum of Care (CoC) is a broad collaborative effort of homeless service providers, supportive service providers, hospitals, The University of Akron, banks and foundations.  It stretches beyond Akron and across the nation, numbering 6-700 groups, sharing one goal: to break the cycle of homelessness.
To accomplish this goal the CoC pulls in funding from the U.S. department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to support local homeless providers that work together to further enhance a system that provides emergency, transitional, and permanent shelter to homeless individuals.  In 2008 they brought in $3,563,121.00 which was shared among 10 agencies in the area. Continue reading

Transforming Local Schools: Summit Education Initiatives Involvement in the Findley Project

Findley CLC

As the Summit Education Initiative (SEI) continues their venture to improve the chances of children’s success in school and higher education, they also realize the importance of getting creatively involved in other types of projects along the way. And in doing so, discovering the outcomes and lasting effects of these efforts.
The Findley Project, started by Love Akron, is one of those.

SEI has walked with Love Akron through their latest start-up in transforming this local school for the past year.

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The Summit Education Initiative: From Cradle to Career (Part Two)


Over the past year the Summit Education Initiative (SEI) has been busy paving a new way, like never before to ensure students success in Summit County.

With lots of local and national research behind them, they’ve concluded what they believe it takes for kids to be successful from “cradle to career”.  

They’ve accomplished this by mapping out crucial points in student’s lives and making sure they meet each mark on the road to success. 

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