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Kickstarter funds reached, downtown Akron cinema to open this year By Theresa Attalla


Did you know that Akron is one of the largest cities in America without a cinema for independent and foreign films?

I didn’t, until I read this not-so-fun fact on Akron Film+Pixel’sKickstarter page. And guess what? The cinema is coming.
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Akron Court helps transition residents with mental illness into the community

courtmembersJudge Annalisa S. Williams (front center) and the Mental Health Court team

The Akron Municipal Court announces that the first Forensic Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) program participant will successfully complete the program this month. The Akron Municipal Court has partnered with Community Support Services (CSS) for the last year as a member of the FACT multidisciplinary team. Continue reading

The Summit Education Initiative: From Cradle to Career (Part One) 04-17-2014


Since we last caught up with them, the Summit Education Initiative (SEI) has been blazing some brand-new trails. What began as ideas, turned into plans that are now becoming a reality – all to improve the local educational system.

“There’s a lot going on now, a lot of movement in terms of things we’re working on,” Derran Wimer, Executive Director at SEI, said.

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Sweet 16 Turns into Findley Surprise – 2013-04-11

By: Katie Sobiech

Dana_MarkIt’s not every High School girl’s dream to give up her Sweet 16th birthday gifts to benefit others. But that’s exactly what sophomore Dana McKinney at Revere High School did.

McKinney, who has been giving her birthday gifts to others for four years now, was touched by the story of Findley CLC students at the Love Akron Breakfast this past September. And it was then that she decided to give them a sweet surprise.

On December 19th she passed out gift bags to all 500 of the children at Findley.

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Healthy Summit Overview (Part Two)

By Katie Sobiech

In efforts to better coordinate community health and human services, the Healthy Summit began to form. As it began to take shape, 15 areas of interest surfaced. These 15 areas became committees, which included:

1. Early Childhood
2. Partnership for Success
3. Income, Education and Workforce
4. Public Safety
5. Housing Affordability
6. Financial Literacy
7. Court and Social Services
8. Older Adults
9. Senior Independent Living Coaltion
10.Data Tracking
11.Family Health
12.Finance Forum
13.SSAB Large Committee
14.Subcommittee Health and Human Services
15.Subcommittee Budget and Levy

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