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Lydia’s Purse: Sewing Handbags, Mending Hearts – 2011-12-05

By Katie Sobiech

Kathy, a 54 year old woman staying at the Harvest Home, has a smile that lights up a room. She wasn’t always like this, though. It wasn’t until going through the Harvest Home’s program that she was able to find healing and blossom into the woman she is today. She found purpose and joy through their new program, Lydia’s Purse.

Lydia’s Purse is collaboration between the Harvest Home (a homeless shelter for women and children) and Maryann Wohlwend, Founder of MaryannDesigns and International Director of Lydia’s Purse. Her slogan “Sewing Handbags while Sowing Hearts” defines this social entrepreneurship empowering women from Northeast Ohio to the ends of the earth (all the way to Tanzenia).

Over two years ago Maryann stopped by the mission asking if she could speak to Yvette McMillan, Director of the Women’s Division.

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Reasons to Be Thankful: A Testimony, From Meth 
to Miracles – 2011-11-26

By: Katie Sobiech

Born and raised in California, Shane never dreamed the grass would be greener in Ohio. But after years of drug addiction and continuing on a downward spiral he found himself on the move. Looking for a brighter future, he ended up in Ohio.

“I was a meth user so I tried to get away from it by leaving the state (California). I had an opportunity to come here so I did,” Shane began, sharing his story.

Drug use, along with escalated drinking and arguments with his father led him to the Haven of Rest, a local homeless shelter.

“I pretty much gave up on everything,” Shane said.

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The Haven of Rest:
Making the Holiday’s Brighter 
for the Homeless in 2011 – 2011-11-19

By: Katie Sobiech

As the snowflakes begin to fall this winter most of us will be blessed enough to have a roof over our head, sip a nice cup of hot cocoa if we’d like, and even sit by a warm fireplace. For others, this won’t an option. Instead of celebrating, they will worry where their next meal will come from and if they will stay warm enough and even make it through the winter.

Thanks to a local homeless shelter, The Haven of Rest, a huge burden is lifted off of the homeless.

The Haven of Rest began in 1943 with one couple who dared to make the dream that God placed in their hearts a reality. Rev. and Mrs. Charles C. Thomas’s burden for the poor led them to open their hearts and welcome the homeless to stay in their own home. Starting out as a small storefront rescue mission, it has blossomed into the largest homeless center in the Summit-Portage-Medina-Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne-Holmes county area – and a valuable asset to our community. This year they will celebrate 68 years of ministry.

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Iron Sharpens Iron Testimony and Conference Review – 2011-11-12

By: Katie Sobiech

If you missed this past weekend’s Iron Sharpens Iron Conference there is still hope… Mark your calendars now for next year’s event! In the meantime, Toolbox Ministries and the Man Up Movement may be exactly what you are looking for. Both of these ministries are for men, by men. Year-round they offer tools for men to use in daily life, as well as accountability, prayer and godly friendships.

Mark Hardman, a member of South East Church of the Nazarene, and a man with a contagious enthusiasm for God says this weekend’s conference was “a success”.

“God was front and center through our speakers!” he said, referring to both key-note speakers as being “Dynamic”.

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Iron Sharpens Iron 
Conference 2011 – 2011-11-04

By: Katie Sobiech

It’s that time again… The Iron Sharpens Iron National Men’s Equipping Conference tour has hit Akron. Every fall Toolbox Ministries hosts this conference put on for men, designed by men, targeting their specific interests and needs.

This year’s keynote speakers are Bill Perkins, President and Founder of Million Mighty Men and also senior pastor and author, and Rod Cooper, a Professor of Discipleship and Leadership Development at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Sixteen different equipping seminars will be offered throughout the day on a range of topics surveyed as being most important to men, including marriage and intimacy, spiritual leadership, sexual purity, fathering and financial management.

There will be a great time of praise and worship and 30 local and national ministries represented.

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