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Cuyahoga Falls Welcomes 
the TCT Network – 2011-06-03

By: Katie Sobiech

May 17th was a special day in Cuyahoga Falls. The rain cleared just in time for a ribbon cutting, welcoming the TCT (Total Christian Television) Network’s Prayer Center. Garth and Tina Coonce, Founders of the TCT Network, an international Christian Broadcasting network, came to celebrate.

“We have 8 Prayer Centers in major cities across the U.S. and wanted to have a center here in the Akron/Canton/Cleveland area. Calls will come in here from all around the world,” Garth Coonce said.

They hope to have volunteers at the Prayer Center 24 hours a day.

“A lot of people are hurting and lonely and don’t have someone to pray for them. They may not have a pastor, but they can call here and that person can be their prayer partner,” Garth Coonce said.

Along with the Prayer Center a Television Broadcasting Network with a variety of programs, including Joyce Meyer, John Hagee, Charles Stanley and more will be in a million and a half homes in Northeast, Ohio.

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Broken Chains: Thousands Come to Faith through Eyeglass Ministry at Summit County Jail – 2011-05-27

By: Katie Sobiech

The lyrics of Amazing Grace, “I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see”, echo throughout the halls of the Summit County jail these days, literally.

Broken Chains Ministry (BCM) has opened the doors of opportunity wide to minister to offenders by creating an eyeglass ministry. Through this, they open people’s eyes physically and spiritually.

This started in 2004 when BCM first formed, after much prayer and realizing how poor the eyesight of many inmates was. “We saw that we were missing a lot of opportunities to minister to people. People wouldn’t come to chapel or bible study, even though those doors were wide open for them. We were missing a multitude of people who we could get the gospel message to,” Reverend Dennis Shawhan, Executive Director of BCM , said.

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Project Homeless Connect 2011: 
An Annual One-Stop-Shop 
for the Homeless – 2011-05-20

By: Katie Sobiech

Over 1,500 people showed up at The Chapel, Tuesday May 10th, to put on the annual Project Homeless Connect (PHC) community event. In just two hours after the doors opened, 400 people showed up in need. Over 800 were expected to turn out by the end of the day.

“To someone who hasn’t stepped foot on the premise of the Chapel until today, it’s just mind blowing that this many agencies could collaborate together this well and create such a one-stop-shop of all these absolutely necessary services that a human being needs to survive,” said Abby McGinty, AmeriCorps volunteer with the Battered Women’s Shelter.

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Broken Chains: Effects of Economy on Jail Ministry in Summit County – 2011-05-13

By: Katie Sobiech

Approximately 25,000 ex-offenders enter back into Ohio each year, and 2,100 in Summit County.

With no job, no home and burned bridges with family, the odds are against these people, causing many to re-offend and return to prison. Others just aren’t caught.

The question is, what are we as a society doing to reach out to these people while they are still in prison, before they get released? Will working with them while they are inside of the jail and prison systems create an inward change that will show once they are released?

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Peacemakers: Youth Making 
a Positive Difference in Akron Part Two – 2011-05-06

By: Katie Sobiech

In the last 18 months, high school students involved in PeaceMakers have participated in more than 50 different projects, totaling over 3,800 volunteer hours.

This civic/anti-crime program teaches students, grades 9-12, how city government works with community organizations to make the city strong, as well as providing opportunities for the youth to give back.

PeaceMakers could not be doing what they are without the support of Goodyear.

“Goodyear has been so good to us. Without them there would be no Peacemakers group,” Soule said.

Goodyear has financially supported the group since its start, and continues to support their efforts throughout the city.

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