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Springtime of Hope: 
Where Every Day is Spring Part Two – 2011-03-25

By: Katie Sobiech

Spring has finally arrived, but the founders and volunteers at Springtime of Hope (SOH) have been bringing a little bit of spring into the lives of those they serve, all year round.

Starting in Appalachia with the poorest of poor in 2001, they took a group down every year to rebuild homes and trailers. This was all out of pocket. In 2005 they began bringing youth groups to the mountains to serve.

“We went every year, but one year, one of Mother Teresa’s Sisters came over. She told us that what we were doing was really beautiful, but that where we will find out true joy is when we are reaching out to those in our own backyard,” Karen McNeill, Executive Director, said.

But McNeill wondered ‘what need is there in Akron, Ohio’?

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Springtime of Hope: Where Every Day is Spring Part One – 2011-03-21

By: Katie Sobiech

“Each of us can recall a time, day, year, decade, or life that we needed a Springtime of Hope,” Joe Montana, Springtime of Hope President, said.

Springtime of Hope (SOH) brings a glimmer of sunshine into the lives of those facing a winter of the soul.

The first time I heard about Springtime of Hope was from Dirk, a homeless man living in a tent near railroad tracks during winter last year. He was homeless, yet serving the homeless with Springtime of Hope.

Dirk now has a home, thanks to SOH.

“They are 100% volunteer based and their desire is outreach,” Joe Bukovinsky, a volunteer at St. Bernard’s, said of the ministry.

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Image Clear Ultrasound: Revealing Life at the Crossroads of Decision – 2011-03-11

By: Katie Sobiech

In one year, 550 abortion-minded mothers changed their minds and chose life for their unborn babies. This change of heart was inspired by stepping aboard the Image Clear Ultrasound (ICU).

Statistics show that at least 80 percent of abortion-minded women change their minds once they see their unborn baby on an ultrasound. This makes having an ultrasound available, free-of-charge, a miracle.

The ICU mobile experience offers women a free ultrasound in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Pronounced “I-See-You”, it shows the women that God sees them, ICU sees them, and that they care about their needs and their babies.

Stepping onto this RV gives women a whole new perspective.

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Salvation Army Update: What a Difference a Year Makes – 2011-03-04

By: Katie Sobiech

One year ago we covered a story on the Salvation Army’s Canteen outreach. During the dead of winter we visited camps of men and women living in the woods, in frail tents.

This trip was eye opening. Many were unaware of the fact that such poverty existed here in Akron.

Though these “cities” under that particular bridge no longer exist, they have scattered elsewhere.

“The tent cities were cleared out by the cops, which has forced many (homeless) to go to shelters or rehab” Jon Soza, Program Coordinator at the Salvation Army and Pastor at the Citadel, said.

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Point in Time Count 2011 Part Two – 2011-02-26

By: Katie Sobiech

As a part of the Point in Time Count (PTC), the homeless themselves are selected by the Continuum of Care (CoC) to share their knowledge of where other homeless stay at night. This works towards the CoC’s continuous efforts to understand the issues of homelessness, as well as finding solutions.

Mike Bullock, a volunteer who runs the Tarry House, a non-profit group-home for the mentally ill, drove to each of the homeless “hang-outs” as Bear directed.

“Bear”, who calls the steps of a school downtown his home, led one of the groups.

“The first time it snowed, everybody who slept up there on the steps with me bounced,” Bear said.

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