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A Woman of Faith on the Frontlines
(Part One of Two) – 2012-01-15

By Katie Sobiech

Shows such as Cops, or Police Women of Dallas, reveal our fascination with the whole world of law enforcement…especially police women, since they are so rare.

Have you ever wondered what it would it be like to be behind the wheel of a cop car for a day? What kinds of things they see and experience?

Captain Sylvia Trundle, Captain in the Patrol Subdivision of the Akron Police Department, allows us to take a glimpse into her life as a local police officer.

Trundle has a big heart for the community and empowering women to rise above domestic violence and abuse. She is a woman of faith with a passion for goodness in the community.

Though a strong woman, she hasn’t been hardened by the police force, which she attributes to her faith.

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Community Prayer Gathering Against Violence – 2012-1-06

By Katie Sobiech

In just one week, 6 people were murdered in Akron. Between this and the Copley and Craigslist shootings, some in the faith community are saying ‘enough is enough’ and taking a stand against crime in our area by gathering together in prayer.

Twenty-six murders were committed in the city this past year.

“That’s 26 mothers without sons,” said Serita Terrel, who lost her 24 year old son in May, due to a gunshot to the head.

The morning of the prayer service on December 28th, Pastor Mark Ford, Founder of Love Akron, was on the WAKR morning show. There he was asked by the host, ‘What is the answer (to end the violence)?’

“The Holy Spirit,” Ford replied, “God is able to bring answers to the situation.”

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Project H.O.P.E.:
Teachers Give Students New View on Homelessness (Part 2 of 2) – 2011-12-30

By Katie Sobiech

Mr. Greg Milo and Mr. Jason Horinger, teacher and Director of Service and Outreach at Archbishop Hoban High School, who reach out to the homeless don’t view it as a once a week mission. They have made it a lifestyle. They give the local homeless they meet in the woods, under bridges and near train tracks, their phone numbers and Mr. Horinger even invited some to his wedding.

“When they’re standing on the street corner flying a sign people look through them or past them or just give them money. Like Greg said, in a very distant basis. We go out and start conversations. It’s about developing those relationships. It’s about talking to them, letting them feel like an individual for that part of the day. Then doing that on a week to week basis,” Horinger said of their outreach.

This past fall I journeyed out into the city and woods with the teachers and students after school. I arrived home around 10:00 p.m. that night with my eyes opened a little bit more to the reality that many people across our nation, and in our world, are living every day.

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Project H.O.P.E.:
Teachers Give Students New View on Homelessness (Part 1 of 2) – 2011-12-21

By Katie Sobiech

It was a cool, fall evening when I joined four students, a teacher and the Director of Service and Outreach at Hoban High School to venture out into the city to meet the homeless.

This group goes out every Wednesday after school to serve food and stir up conversation with the less fortunate. Local, grassroots efforts to meet the homeless where they’re at and offer help and friendship have been on the rise lately.

All were busy baking pizza, tossing salads and making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to be given to those they met that evening.

Mr. Greg Milo, a Social Studies teacher, and Mr. Jason Horinger, Director of Service and Outreach, take the teens into a world that is unknown to many: the tent cities and other places homeless dwell.

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The Way Out Prison Ministry:
Inspiring the Church to Make 
a Difference in World – 2011-12-14

By Katie Sobiech

The Way Out Prison Ministry has been going strong and staying faithful to their call for 31 years now. For those who aren’t aware of what they do, they visit those in prison, jail and half-way houses bringing church to them, building relationships and helping ex-offenders transition back into society. Most of what they do isn’t broadcasted, but is newsworthy. In a typical month they might lead over 125 services with more than 1,000 people in attendance, shining light into the darkest of places.

Most recently their Christmas Outreach is preparing to give away tons of gifts to inmates, some who have never received a gift in their entire life. This all wraps into sharing the love of Christ with those who need it most.

As they continue to touch hearts through their ministry, The Way Out has also made some additions to their team.

Robb Martin, owner of MindShift Coaching and Consulting, an experienced businessman and banker who spent 5 years as Executive and Chief Operating Officer at the Chapel, has now come on board with the ministry. This addition brings hope for new things in the ministry.

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